Our Philosophy

Research Driven

At Winslow, we have a firm culture which embraces a consistent and repeatable process. We look to identify low expectation stocks that are either under-followed by traditional sell-side firms or unloved by the market. We strive to understand our companies and what drives them better than our peers. Identifying catalysts before they develop is a key component to our process. Evaluating a management team’s ability to execute is especially critical in the small-cap space.


Our proven experience investing in value stocks and our contrarian mindset make us predisposed to running towards fires, not away from them. Additionally, our 3-5 year investment horizon allows us to arbitrage time and take advantage of short-term market volatility. We are students of Behavioral Finance and utilize this philosophy throughout our research process.

Our Midwest location and roots also provide a unique perspective, avoiding the herd mentality often found on Wall Street. While we embrace the scientific models and metrics used in evaluating companies, we believe that this approach must be combined with the artistic aspects of picking good investments.

Core with a Value Tilt

We are always looking for good companies or those that can become good companies. We just prefer to buy them when others don’t perceive them favorably, allowing us to opportunistically purchase these mispriced investments with the most upside potential. We firmly believe that, at an inflated price, even the best company is a poor investment, yet at a depressed price even a perceived “junky” company can be a great investment.