Customizable Equity and Balanced Strategies for High Net Worth Investors

We manage equity strategies and balanced strategies, which are a blend of holdings based on the risk profile and liquidity needs of each client. Approximately half of our individual clients utilize Winslow as the sole asset manager for their entire liquid net worth. In these instances, we work with the client to determine the appropriate allocation of stocks, bonds and cash to meet their short-term and long-term needs. 

The other half of our high net worth clients utilize Winslow in a multi-manager environment where we complement the investment styles/objectives of their other asset managers, sometimes with the partnership of an outside investment consultant. 

Given the flexible and opportunistic nature of our All-Cap strategy, Winslow provides a well-diversified core equity option. The Small-Cap strategy is suitable for individuals with a greater risk tolerance and a willingness to withstand additional market volatility while looking for higher long-term returns.

A Focus on Asset Management

We are not all things to all people. Our team focuses on our niche, which is picking stocks and providing exceptional long term investment performance for our clients. It is just as important to understand what we don’t do as it is to know what we do best. Adding non-core functions to a “menu of services” would be a distraction rather than a benefit to our clients. We understand that a comprehensive financial plan goes beyond asset management. That is why we collaborate with our clients’ other partners, such as tax and estate attorneys, accountants and family offices or investment consultants to make sure that, together, we bring best in class services to our clients.

A Personal Touch

We provide high quality investment options with the personal touch to high net worth clients. With an intentionally low client/portfolio manager ratio of 20:1, we are by design accessible. Our clients can tailor the frequency and means of communication. When transitioning an existing equity portfolio to Winslow, we pay careful attention to the potential tax consequences, and partner with the client and their accountants to move forward strategically in order to personalize portfolios.