Alpha Generation for Institutional Clients

We manage All-Cap Core and Small-Cap Core separate account strategies for institutional investors.  For small-to-mid sized institutions, our All-Cap strategy is utilized as a basic US equity allocation, complimented by other more specialized or non-correlated asset classes. For larger institutions, the All-Cap portfolio can serve as an alpha generator in addition to a traditional style-box approach. The Winslow Small-Cap portfolio is identified as a way to add alpha to a variety of asset allocation models.

 A Unique Approach to Investing

We look to identify companies trading at a discount to our perception of their intrinsic value.  Our rigorous process allows us to combine the best that quantitative and qualitative methodologies have to offer.  Understanding the business drivers, potential catalysts and management strength is just as important as understanding a company’s financial strength and market valuation. We look for market inefficiencies in the small, mid and large cap space by utilizing the principals of Behavioral Finance and taking a private investor mind-set.

Concentrated, Active-Share Portfolios

Our Midwest location and mind-set helps us avoid the herd mentality often found in New York and San Francisco.  Our intensive research process leads us to identify off the radar or undiscovered companies. This allows us to create a high  active share portfolio.  By focusing on our highest conviction names with a long-term ownership perspective, we are able to get to know our companies better than our peers and construct a more concentrated portfolio better positioned to outperform the market.